React / NextJS Upgrade

I finally upgraded from Create React App to NextJS & React 18. I'm still working through a few issues, but if you happen to notice any bugs please use the Feedback page to send me the details - thanks!


Welcome to my website! I built this site to try out different web technologies, frameworks & architecture. This site is currently using the following technologies:

  • Front-end: React 18, NextJS, Bootstrap 5 & Sass
  • Back-end: Microservices on AWS & Azure using NodeJS and Express.
  • Hosting platform: Azure

I've recently been focusing on contracting / consulting work, so this website will also become an online portfolio. Please check out the Hire Me page to get a better idea of the type of work I can help with.

Latest Updates

Apr 2023 - Upgraded to React v18, NextJS v13, Bootstrap 5 and other misc improvements.

Jan 2023 - Built a simple GraphQL demo to get ski resort info & current weather conditions.

Apr 2022 - New page for a blockchain & smart contract demo. A smart contract was deployed to the Ethereum Ropsten testnet for testing & validation.

Nov 2020 - Published my Wasp npm package for easy drag & drop functionality in a React app.

May 2020 - Rewrote entire front-end using React instead of Angular. Also added a React Context & Hooks demo.

2016 - New blog post: building a Raspberry Pi arcade cabinet.