3D Printing

I decided to buy a 3D printer because they fascinate me so much. It took much more effort than I expected to get the printer fully calibrated & tuned, but it's finally running pretty well. Below are some of the parts I've designed and printed.

Shark before calibration

This was the very first print! Just about every setting was wrong (temperature, flowrate, speed) and before any calibration...

Shark after calibration

Same shark, after tuning and calibration.

Custom bracket 1

This is a custom bracket I designed for a local manufacturing company. The two halves hold sensors in place to eliminate the possibility of placing them in the incorrect order.

Custom bracket 2

Here's how each half of the bracket is printed. The "columns" along the front and back are temporary supports which can be snapped off once the print finishes.

Wood vase

A simple vase, printed with material that is partially wood.

This design was tweaked and improved several times - the intention was to design a coaster to rest a drink on.

multi-color coaster 1

The printer was not yet fully calibrated & you can see edges are not well formed, etc. This was a 50% scaled down print, and also my 2nd ever attempt at switching the color mid-print. I learned quite a bit from this print and it gave me ideas for improvements.

multi-color coaster 2

Printer was calibrated, so this was a full-size print and I was testing out the overall design.

multi-color coaster 3

This was after I figured out how to swap colors, and improved the design a bit more to better hold a beverage.