Blockchain Demos

Welcome to my blockchain demos page! If you're new to crypto & blockchain you may need to configure a few quick things to try out these demos - demo #1 is the easier one to try.

For best results, please use a desktop browser.

Demo #1 Requirements
  • All you need is a crypto wallet installed, such as  MetaMask.
  • If you need help with installing & configuring MetaMask, this is a great tutorial to check out.
Demo #2 Requirements
  • A crypto wallet, plus the ability to switch to the Ropsten testnet (this may be hidden by default).
  • You will also need a small amount of fake ETH on the Ropsten network in order to interact with my smart contract. Request some from a testnet faucet or if you ask me nicely I'll send you some.
  • As a reward for submitting a transaction, my smart contract will send some ETH back to your account - so you'll actually be gaining ETH!
Wallet Status

No crypto wallet detected - cannot load demos 😭😭😭

In order to interact with these demos, please follow the instructions above. Setting up MetaMask is simple, free and can be done in less than 5 minutes.

For best results, please use a desktop browser.